Program Philosophy

We believe recovery is a process, not an event. At Chatsworth Pavilion this process is designed to help each participant reclaim their inner compass and move from reaction to right action. The program at Chatsworth Pavilion helps our clients develop inner balance, inter-connectedness and the ability to experience healthier relationships with self, others and life.


Each one of us is born into this world whole, fully capable of expressing our own dynamic and unique purpose. However, as a result of experiences that may be emotionally anchored in our childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood, combined with the pressures of a world full of stressors, impatience and distraction, many of us lose access to this innate truth.


Without the inner-guidance and self-nurturing that comes from knowing ourselves, we are soon at the mercy of impulses.


There may come a time when we can no longer help ourselves, when we cannot resist the compulsion to repeat self-defeating behaviors, when we cannot find our way back to the heart of our purpose. We believe that recovery is much more than just overcoming self-defeating patterns and/or dependencies. Recovery is about, doing life, in a healthy way and being well. It is conquering our fears, mastering our inadequacies, restoring communication in our relationships, and nurturing our, inner strength of being. Recovery is about learning to access our authentic self and allowing it to be expressed freely and wisely. It is empowering our inner guidance system and allowing it to direct our choices of actions and needs.


Chatsworth Pavilion is dedicated to providing an environment and opportunity for the focus needed to re-connect with our authentic-selves. We have developed an effective, structured, closed-group experience that serves to dramatically shorten a process that may otherwise take years. We honor all those, at any stage of recovery, who are working, one step at a time, to be the best they can be. Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive environment to facilitate and sustain a healthy recovery from self-defeating behaviors and dependencies. Ours is a life affirming program that guides participants in a goal-oriented process toward self-fulfillment by helping each individual to gain a greater access to their authentic-self.

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Short Term Program

  • 3-week residential treatment
  • Maximum group size 6 clients
  • Max 2 clients/counsellor
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