The Team

While we are blessed with an extraordinary clinical team and support staff, it is truly the "Closed Group" treatment model that makes the "Chatsworth Program" so highly effective.


As with most treatment centers, Chatsworth is staffed by experienced, capable, and professional clinicians whose great work is supported by a dedicated, competent and loving team.


What makes Chatsworth different is that our clinicians follow a proven program of our own design, in an environment we created to ensure the utmost in efficacy and outcome(s). With a maximum of 6 clients per 3-week program, our clinicians and staff can offer a superior level of attention and care to each participant.


Imparting a new way of seeing of things, and a strong recovery and life management system is not just about teaching and counselling. It is about reaching each client in a way that empowers their ability to integrate recovery dynamics and help them fall in love with being well.

Our Clinicians

Samantha Hofman, M.A Counselling Psychology, Licensed Psychotherapist
Clinical Coordinator


A graduate of McGill University, a Licensed Psychotherapist by the Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec and with over ten years working at Chatsworth Pavilion, Samantha is quite skilled at bridging client needs and program goals. Samantha also has a strong clinical knowledge base and in-depth program experience that combine to help her guide the clinical staff at Chatsworth. The clinical team works together to ensure the highest level of success for each individual admitted to our 3-week residential program.


Whether it be in individual counselling, group therapy or lecturing, Samantha is committed to helping each client develop a vision for what their personal journey of recovery will be, empowering each individual to embark on their journey to wellness.

Dr. Emily Kerner, PhD


Emily is a licensed psychologist and a member of the Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec. She completed her master's and doctoral degrees in Counselling Psychology at McGill University, where she specialized in psychotherapy with adolescents and families. Emily has trained in a variety of mental health settings, including high school, university counselling, and outpatient psychiatry. She has taught college and graduate-level courses in psychology on topics such as psychological disorders, child development, multicultural counselling, and counselling theories. Currently, in addition to her work at Chatsworth as liaison with referring professionals, group and individual counselling with clients.

Michael Alexander Abravanel, PhD


Michael has his PhD in personal and professional coaching from Concordia University. Only a handful of individuals in the world have a doctorate specializing in coaching. Michael has contributed scholarly articles on coaching and wellness. He has also taught university level courses on interpersonal relationships and group interventions.


Chatsworth's multi-disciplinary team recognizes that effective recovery combines both insight and action. In other words, recovery cannot be based simply on self-awareness and wishful thinking, it needs to be supported by applied action.


In his many years working at Chatsworth, Michael has been instrumental in helping clients to develop their individual plan of action required to achieve long lasting recovery. Through individual and group sessions, as well as lectures, he supports and guides clients in their journey towards recovery using innovative coaching tools and techniques.

Richard Hofman,
Founder of Chatsworth Pavilion


With close to 40 years of experience in the treatment of alcoholism, addictions, co-dependency and compulsive behaviors, Mr. Hofman, author of Addictive Personality, has developed numerous innovative concepts and techniques to accelerate and enhance the treatment of these dependencies.


Richard's prime concern is to develop short term, yet highly effective and powerful, programs for those wishing to free themselves of self-defeating behavioral patterns. With the right "system" tuned, tweaked and adjusted to the recovery process, he believes people can be empowered to discover their potential and express it to its fullest. His definition of effective recovery is a focused intellect, properly managed emotions and an inspired spirit.


Richard is fond of quoting the well known adage "Give people food and feed them for a day; teach them how to fish, hunt and grow their own and you have fed them for life". This wisdom has led him to appreciate systems. "I believe in systems". It is more than just an often repeated idiom; it is at the foundation of all programs he designs."


As lead lecturer and counselor at Chatsworth, Richard's goal is to enhance and accelerate the recovery process. We don't just treat people; we teach them how to treat themselves by giving them the direction and the tools to affect healing, recovery, growth and self-actualization. Love of life can be developed and must be nurtured. Loved people do better, let's love them and help them do better. There is always hope.

Unique Powerful
Short Term Program

  • 3-week residential treatment
  • Maximum group size 6 clients
  • Max 2 clients/counsellor
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