Admission Criteria

We understand reaching out is difficult but it is the first step toward a life free from self-limiting behaviors and dependencies. We are here to help you or someone you know get the care needed and to provide guidance through our application for admission process.


Chatsworth Pavilion offers free phone consultation to determine appropriateness for our program. All contacts with Chatsworth Pavilion are confidential and do not place you under any obligation for treatment.


Guidelines for acceptance:

  • Female and male adults 18 years+
  • Clients must have ability to safely participate fully in our program in a non-hospital environment and unlocked facility.
  • Clients must have the cognitive ability to participate in our program
  • Clients must be fully ambulatory and capable of self-care
  • Client's admission application approved
  • Clients dealing with self-defeating behavioral patterns, dependencies, chemical and/or behavioral addictions and compulsive behaviors such as,
    • alcohol
    • prescription medication
    • drugs
    • codependency
    • high-risk behaviors
  • Clients with dependency patterns influenced by unresolved trauma
  • Clients who need to identify and address the core issues and patterns that have caused continual return to self-destructive behaviors.
  • Clients who need a safer, more structured setting than outpatient therapy

Pre-Admission Detoxification Requirement

  • Chatsworth Pavilion is NOT a medical detoxification facility. All clients assessed with withdrawal potential are required to complete detox prior to admission at Chatsworth Pavilion.

The following are psychosocial contraindications to admission at Chatsworth Pavilion. Where any one of these conditions is present the request for admission will be declined.

  • Serious psychiatric disorders including psychosis, character disorders and severe clinical depression, unless, the patient is declared and assessed stable and appropriate by a clinician with whom the client has maintained a continuous working relationship.
  • Serious predisposition toward self-destructive, destructive or violent behavior.
  • An acute or chronic medical condition that requires immediate physician attention or general hospital care. Suicidal or homicidal ideations and/or hallucinations.
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Unique Powerful
Short Term Program

  • 3-week residential treatment
  • Maximum group size 6 clients
  • Max 2 clients/counsellor
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