Family Program

Because addictions, dependencies and dysfunctional behaviors often affect the entire family system, we believe family involvement in treatment can be a vital component for successful recovery. The 2-day Family Program at Chatsworth Pavilion is designed to create a recovery foundation for both clients and family or significant others. The Family Program at Chatsworth Pavilion aims to expand self-awareness and knowledge of family dynamics, as well as increase communication skills.


Families and their loved one in treatment are given an opportunity to learn about and discuss issues that have impacted them for many years, and begin a healing process together. This is often a life-changing process where confusion, hurt, and misunderstandings can be addressed with support and guidance. The Family Program is designed to assist family members in working on their own issues, developing self-care techniques, and learning how to support their loved one.


The 2-day Family Program facilitates and motivates family and significant others to embark on their path to recovery.


  • 2 family members may attend at no additional program fees.
  • All Family Program participants are responsible for their off campus lodging and meals and their travel fees to Montreal.
  • Shuttle service from and to Trudeau International Airport, in Montreal, is included (Airport code: YUL).

Family Program Goals

  • Increase understanding of recovery dynamics
  • Provide information on:
    • Self-defeating reactive patterns
    • Compulsion, dependencies and addictions
    • Co-dependency
    • Enabling
    • Depression
    • Family dynamics
    • Communication
    • Recovery dynamics
    • Relapse prevention
  • Family Counseling session
  • Aftercare information
  • Reintegration with loved ones
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Short Term Program

  • 3-week residential treatment
  • Maximum group size 6 clients
  • Max 2 clients/counsellor
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