Why Chatsworth?

Chatsworth Pavilion is the program to choose when you are looking for,

A program specifically designed to allow less time away from home, school and work. A very powerful short term 3-week residential treatment program made possible by our "Closed-Group" therapeutic model.


A Spiritually-Based Treatment Center that integrates the 12 Steps as a Life Management System and provides the safety and intensity of a Small "Closed Group" (6 clients maximum and a ratio of 2 clients per counselor). Chatsworth Pavilion thereby provides a unique context in which high functioning, introspective adults and young adults (who may or may not be acting out their chemical or process addiction) can do the "Emotional Surgery" necessary to transform a shame and trauma burdened person into an authentic individual, capable of loving self.


A place where one can undertake the introspective journey of self-discovery and take a look at where one has been, where one is and where one wants to go. A place where one can learn how to deal with the self-defeating patterns that can hold a person back and sabotage efforts.


A place to figure out who one is, one's true Authentic Self or as we call it one's Identity, as opposed to the acquired persona, the personality, which is simply crafted as a way to negotiate getting one's needs met from one's environment. The personality should only be a mechanism of presenting who one is to the world, and a healthy personality should operate only with the direction of one's Identity's inner guidance system.


A place for intense emotional work designed to neutralize negative imprints from the past (family of origin, trauma, etc.), allowing access to the God-given emotional resources already within every person; self love, self motivation, self respect, self acceptance, self esteem, self worth, self efficacy, self reliance, self discipline, the self-worth and the coping skills that allows one to deal with life's inevitable challenges.


A place to identify and address what drives the excessive and addictive need to avoid through self-medication.


A place to learn how to fill the inner void, which fuels the need to self-medicate, with a true sense and feeling of self-esteem and self-worth.


A place to facilitate an inner-based sense of self-worth that develops from the inside out rather than an outer-based sense of worth dependent on external achievements, attention or validation from others.


A place to learn the Life Management System of the spiritually-based 12 steps and to practice the tools of recovery, to manage addictions, stress and out-of-control emotions.

Unique Powerful
Short Term Program

  • 3-week residential treatment
  • Maximum group size 6 clients
  • Max 2 clients/counsellor
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